Guys... what you you feel if your gf say that?

I was talking to my gf and just talked about some movies and like that and she kept saying ooh that guy in this film is very hot.. I love him... I dreamed if he marries and like that

is that okay?
all girls talk like that?
should we smile while she talking the fuck of shit?


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  • Yeah girls talk like that. It's not serious that she doesn't like you because she loves that guy. Think of it as a role model (someone you don't date, you look up to that person)

    • so how would u feel if u love a guy and he say that he look up to other girl?

    • i would be little jealous if she looks way better than me. but its normal so I'm not gonna do anything about it. unless he has her pictures everywhere like on his phone or in his room (more than three is bad)

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  • I talk sometimes like that with my boyfriend. So i think it is completely normal for girls to talk bout that. It is just a celebrity crush...

    • so how would u feel if your bf talk like that about some girl in front of u and how much she's hot and he love her and he wanted her as a babe?

    • if it is a famous girl , i would be jealous but i wouldn't mind. he is a person too. but if it was a girl that lives next door , i would be mad and i wouldn't talk with him until he regrets it hahaah

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  • i would not listen to her.. and act as i am bored.. so she may realize that i didn't like that