Girls... can you seriously sense that you want to start a relationship with a guy after two dates?

Maybe just call me slow or indecisive.

Here's my story.

I asked my best friend of 3 years out about two months ago, and asked for time to think things over (to this point every other time I saw someone ask her out that I knew, she would always turn them down with a hard and fast no.) Still hang out on the reg. About a month ago I ask her to hang out, and she asks if it's a date, and says that she senses that "I don't seem to be in that mindset anymore". I asked her what she was thinking, and she said that she was still thinking things over. The time has come to have another sit down with her and discuss things as it's been a month since this happened, but she's away on vacation.

Since she's been on vacation, I met this other girl online and we've met up twice. Both my friend and this girl are older than me. I have a thing for older women I guess. We've been out, but I'm still getting to know her and getting a feel for who she really is. She's really nice and easy to talk to, our personalities click, but there's something that I can't put my finger on about her. And I can't tell to be honest if I'm not ready to give up on my best friend, or if it's something about this girl.

Last night I went out with this girl for the second time and I'm really getting the vibe that she wants to move forward, but I'm confused because it's only been two times we've been out.

I'm really confused...

Btw... I'm not a guy who dates a lot or often... so this is all really kind of new to me.

Anyone else?


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  • I think I'll start a relationship after two dates, even after one, but that depends


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