Not sure how to reject someone after talking to them for a week?

I made a mistake of being too into talking with this guy online on okc. He didn't have his photo posted. Yet we made a connection just talking. After a week, i felt it was unfair that he sees my pics but i have no clue how he looks like. I should have realized someone who wasn't confident about his looks probably don't want to put their pic up. So after he posted his pic, i just felt bad. I've learnt from the past if you aren't sexually attracted to that person, it's not going to work out. Cos I've been showing much interest, how do i reject the person or show disinterest without hurting their feelings too much? Call me shallow but I have myself been really disappointed.

Added complication, we got on so well, i suggested we correspond by email for the last few days.


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  • stop responding to him. the end


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  • Don't return any of his messages then after a while say you really hit off with this other guy and want to see how it goes. That your sorry and he is a good person blah blah blah and that's it. I doubt he will get too hurt internet dating you are filtering through so many people rejection is quick and common.


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