"Attractive to him" okay so this guy I'm dating said I was "attractive to him" and like I'm a bit gutted?

Does this mean he thinks I'm ugly to most people, but he finds me attractive anyway? He's really fit, a lot of girls like him. So I don't get it. Does he think I'm ugly? Any advice? Thanks x


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  • Not necesarily. It's a way of saying "idgaf what other people think, i find you atractive".
    Also, ask 10 guys to describe the look of their dream girl. Chances are you'll get 10 different replies. So a girl's looks is subjective. It's his way of saying "by my standards you are atractive."

    OCould it be that your style/body build derivate from the "standard". for example being curvy instead of very thin? Dressing goth instead of more plain. Things like that.

  • Your question is so stupid.

    A hot guy said that you're attractive and you're questioning it?


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