Whats wrong with me? Liking/crushing on guys?

Im not a ugly girl, I promise.
It seems like every guy I like well not every guy. But when I like someone they seem to not like me. I get other guys who ask me on dates and stuff but the guys I look for act so fn shy and just shut down, I dont get it.
I added this guy on fb I like, he wrote me saying heyy, from there we got to know each other but he stop writing me out the blue. I want to ask y or just say hi. For me once I feel like a guy is not interested I just let go. I still like them. I still like him but I dont wana bug him or anything...


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  • Maybe those guys are the type that a lot of girls chase after and you just have a lottttt more competition


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  • Maybe you are liking the wrong type of guys?


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