What do you do when you are unsure?

I dont know what i want.
My friends all have a boyfriend, when i see them all in love i get sad. I want that but at the same time i dont, im afraid of commitment and im afraid of getting hurt, of being in love and knowing that another person can have so much control of me.

This guy i dated in january-february, i really liked but it didn't work out due to the fact that he didn't live in my town and he had so much going on, so we stopped dating. We remained friends but didn't really talk for 6 months.

3 weeks ago he contacted me and told me he moved to my town and lives very close by and wanted to meet.. i met him and it was great , we had a great time and things were normal and not awkward at all.
He told me i shouldn't hesistate contacting him whenever i wanted to meet or if im bored, he also told me i should come for coffe at his place one day.
I asked if he wanted to hang out when im back from my trip and he said yes. Now im back from my trip and im so scared of contacting him and getting hurt. Im afraid that he might say no to meet me and than ill look like an idiot again, or if he doesn't want anything serious and friendszones me..

I was thinking of asking him on Thursday if he wanted to meet during the weekend, maybe go biking or something.

Should i do it? im so unsure. I want to be confident and show him im not weak and im a secure women but its hard.


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  • You should contact him. He seeemd like he wants to keep in touch and that he cares and wants to be around you. I know it hard to let your gard down and you dont want to get hurt. But you need to let go and just go with the flow abit and see where thimgs go. Just go slow and enjoy the time you dont have to jump into a relationship fast you can just get together and bond and see where things led to. Just go by what you feel. It ok to feel worried and nerves and scared but you need to take a risk and sure you can get hurt but you won't know until you try something and put trust and let go abit and see where it goes. For all you know it will work out for te best and he seems he may be still interested.

    • I get so insecure, i think i expect more than what it might be, like when we met 2 weeks ago he didn't kiss me and i was sad about that.. but i mean i understand that he didnt, it would have been weird if he had kissed me.. but i just dont want to have expectations and than for them not to be met.. im just so nevrotic and scared of being hut and let down.. last guy i dated a long time he dated me and suddently he was in a rel with a girl.. that broke me and im afraid that will happen again

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    • thanks for good advice! Im just a person who analyze everything. Like if he says yes im all like oh did he really say yes because he wants to hang or to be nice.. im crazy xD

    • Lmfao it ok aren't we abit crazy even more so when love and feelings comes in the mix. i understand what you mean I do the same it communication that seems to be the hardest part with relationships and just being honest that all we really need and to trust. And your very welcome! 😊

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