What does it mean when he hold my tummy?

So basically we were camping the last few days and like we had a dance the night before we came and none of us really dance so we just slow danced to the randomest up beat songs and then when I wanted to stop I'd sot of let go and he'd understand and so every time I did that I would turn around and my back would be facing his front.. He would randomly sneak his hands around my waist and put them right under my belly button, and pull my close, he's never done this before and we've actually been dating for 20 months.. :) What was he thinking? Why did he do this all of a sudden, and I like this affection, I have no problem with it : Oh and he's like a really shy guy he gets nervous around me still and I get nervous around him as well :P Thanks for any help

By we I mean my boyfriend and I :$ Not everyone that went camping :$
There were about 200 campers ant like 50 leaders


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  • That part of a women's body is sexy for us. I love it too !! Touch, kiss, etc.
    He likes you.

    • He loves me and I know it, it was weird since he has never done that before. While coming back on Friday, I was falling asleep on the bus and he pulled my over to sleep on his shoulder, I didn't realize until I work up after 2 hours :P Do you have any more explanation?

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  • He liked dancing so he was showing his form of love, affection
    towards you by holding you around your waist , he pulled you
    close cause his form of showing his love to you if i had girl
    I would do the same thing , he never done it before cause he
    is shy guy now he is warming up to you he feels comfortable
    enough to show more affection towards you

    • I guess, never really thought of that way :$ Thanks :)

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    • It's weird, he is really shy and he didn't kiss me til the day before it was our one year anniversary, and that too after he had a talk with his teacher friend ::$ It was weird, even after that, at camp we made out after the dance, only because his teacher friend suggested it, by the way the teacher just got married and it like in his early 30s and his wife is also a teacher :$ ... I find that weird..

    • Yes he is used to you all a good sign he loves you

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