I want him, but have no idea how to make him intrested?

so me and my best friend when out to a cub this weekend, but when we came there both of us weren't in a super party mood, so i decided to talk to two guys that i saw were looking at us, because cute guys are always fun ;). After introducing myself i introduced my friend to the other guy (i didn't care who i was talking to because i just wanted to have a friendly chat). I found very quickly that the guy i was talking to was interested, but i wasnt, and i think he found out quite quickly, so he and his friend left.
But today my sister was missing, she had gone to a guys place to have sex, but she didn't bring her phone and she didn't tell anyone where she was. I had the number to one of the guys i had been talking to, so i sendt him a message asking him if he knew where my sister was ( i thought his friend was with her), He said he didn't talk to my sister at all, but sendt me his friends number and his name. So i seach for the guy on Facebook and sendt him a message asking if he knew where my sister was, he responded, and i quote "what?". So i explained the situation, but he hasent replied yet.
Anyway, my "problem" is that i think he's really cute. I want to make a move, but im not sure if he is intresed, like i talked to him the night we went out, but i was mainly talking to his friend, just because he was closer to me. I dont know what to say or do! So how can i "make a move", im attracted to him, but i have never suceeded with guys i find attarctive.

It has gone 5 hours since i sendt him the message, and he hasn't responded. Should i take that as he isn't intresed in talking to me?


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  • Wait, have you found your sister yet?
    Is this the guy your sister supposedly left with, to have sex with?
    THAT is the guy you're now interested in and wanting to make a move on?

    • No, the guy im intrested in is the friend of the guy i talked to but wasn't interested in. Yes, i found her, and she went without someone else. Im not that weird lol

    • I forgot to mentione that i found out that the guy, that im intrested in, didn't leave with my sister, but it was a other random dud i didn't know who was lol

    • Ahhh, gotcha, okay.
      I was a little weirded out for a second, haha!

      Okay well, you messaged him and he's not responding at all after saying "What?"
      That's definitely not a good sign, but it could be that he's not interested, it could be that he was caught off guard by the questioning and how you got his information, or it could be that he doesn't really remember you much so he isn't sure how to proceed.

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  • You could try calling. That makes much more an impact than text.


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