Okay to all of the guys... Girls if you know... How do you know truthfully if a boy likes you?

Well this how it is. We are in high school together and he is in one of my classes and participates in both of my lunch periods. Other than that we see each other in the hall way locker and after school activities. We may bein class and i think that i see him looking at me through his hands and he auticmatically turns his head when i look at him. When we are in the lunch room he sits two rows in front of me and i think but not sure that i see him looking at me. And seems like when i look at him he doesn't look at me but when i am looking am not looking at him he looks at me. He was sorta showing off in the class when i was around.. another student said if you just look up at the top (she was talking about the book) you would see what i am saying.. he looked up at the ceiling and sed I don't know what i am suppose to be looking at.. thats just one example.. the thing is he doesn't act like that around other girls. I think he may be showing off a tab little bit. He acts like that strangely just one example when im around'. His friends does sometimes treat me nicer than they usually have... they use to treat me like they treated other girls in the school.. but now it seems that i am a tab bit different. Anyways that's just a little bit of information.. ayways what do u think about that information?

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What Guys Said 1

  • Sounds really confusing to me. Just go talk to him. Not his friends, not your friends, him. If he likes you he may tell you and use your girlie instincts to decipher the clues. Worst case, ask him.


What Girls Said 1

  • Well, it could be one of two things. He could like you, but is shy, so he does these little things because he doesn't feel okay with just asking you out or just telling you. OR, he could just be friendly and he could like you as a friend.
    It sounds like he may like you, honestly.
    Try getting some more one on one time with him, without his friends around and without your friends around. Talk to each other, talk about anything but especially interests so you guys can learn about each other.
    Go from there, see how he is as you guys get closer.
    If things progress and he still isn't asking you out, ask him for his number or social media information so that you guys can text or chat or SOMETHING. Get it moving. If he says no or avoids it, you'll know he probably doesn't like you like that.