Why is it so difficult to find a girl that I feel attraction for?

It's very rare for me to FEEL drawn to a girl and feel like I should approach or get to know her. Many girls I just feel indifferent about and most times I don't even feel that way.

It seems like most guys would take anything they could get, but I am not that way. It's almost more of a curse than it is a blessing because while it's likely that when I finally succeed in attracting a girl I like, she'll be amazing, it's still near impossible to actually find her. 😔😣


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  • You will find her dont worry or stress about it, the more you search the less you will find. Just be happy in yourself and when it comes along you will least expect it and it will all fall into place. Finding that special woman doesn't just happen but when it does you will know.

  • Umh that does sound like a problem. Do you meet many girls? Maybe your not looking in the right places? Or simply have a too narrow a type to find her in such a wide planet earth? Try going places you see the girl you think you would like gang out. Maybe you want an intellectual girl , cute girl at the library? Or maybe a party girl? I don't know your type, but just try picturing her. Where do you see her? Go there now !!! Haha 😆


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