She approached me took my number told me she is intersted then ignored me to flirt with another guy then now she called me saying babe I mean wtf?

I dont know anymore what does she want , i didn't take it seriously i said i dont know why u chose me to be ur friend she got so pissed when i said that i wanted to say it so she would stop saying baby because she doesn't mean it when i asked why she got pissed she said its like i cam to ur home and bagged u to be my friend! , anyway i made if as a joke before that i told her i forgot her face as a joke she said baby i will send to uy pic with all the positions , than after i asked her why she is my friend she didn't send any , was she only playing she didn't mean baby or whats going on? I kinda liked her voice when she said baby butvim afraid its only a game and i always get so deep when i like someone whats really going on with her?


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  • she's playing you, she wants the dick and the attention ahaha


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