My boyfriend is acting weird?

My boyfriend of two months used to text me first a lot... Now I'm having to text him all the time. He used to tell me he loved me several times a day but be hasn't told me in like 2 days (and it only worries me because his sister's friend [his ex] has been staying with them the past two days..) am I just being crazy or are there red flags?


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  • I would give it a few days... I'm currently giving my girl a liitttttle bit of a cold shoulder too because I text her all the time but since we're far apart... i know she's been busy but i miss having her text me goodmorning or text me first so I'm trying to get that back. but naturally i'll go back to normal in like a day or so. When i see that she does indeed care. Which she's already shown signs tonight by texting me a few things that made me feel reassured. haha. Anyways, yeah the EX part CAN be a red flag... but give it a bit of time and see if things go back to normal... but yeah, the ex... that's a little sketch... just dont overthink it... BUT if things do go south... i'm really sorry darling.. i wish you the best.


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  • Wait a couple of days. And ask him if he is okay and everything.

  • wait a day or two then ask if everything is okay.

    (what sexyasianboi26 said)


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