Why does he avoid me?

Ok so he talks to me but he is always quiet, like he's shy or something. Sometimes he teases me and I tease him right back (friendly teasing of course) but a majority of the time he leaves the room as soon as I enter or he sits in the corner, huddled in a blanket or something. I've noticed him staring at me when he plays guitar for our church band and he stares and me during church as well. I'm friends with all his friends and he's friends with all my friends... He confuses me so much. Can someone please clarify this for me?


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  • lol, sound like I'm not the only one who has a complicated situation with someone at church. lol...
    You guys seem to at least talk to each other, then I'd say try to talk to him more, don't miss that chance because when it's gone, you'd regret it. Get to know him, see if he's always shy when talking to girls or just you.

    • Hehe, Well we've been talking a lot more lately (like everyday) and while I was at church I had offered him a high five, when our hands connected he curled his fingers around mine (like he was trying to make them enter twine) but it turned out to be an awkward high five lol. He played it off like my hand was cold, which I know for a fact it was not (It had been in my jean pockets for at least 2 hours so they should have been cold) then later that day he walked up to me while I was dancing (me and my pastors do dance parties after church) and he said bye to me and nervous like. I hadn't heard him the first time so i said "what?" and he said bye again. That time I did hear him. I said what again just to tease him and he said shut yo mouth. Then he ran off and I chased him to his car and finally said bye. xD What do you think?

    • That's a good start. Just keep the conversation going next time if possible. He seems to be interested in you, but that's what I think.

    • Thanks for the MHO! :}

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  • Seems like you are either both shy or you are misreading/looking too much into the whole thing.


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