Is there a way to get my hookup to want more?

We hooked up before the summer and decided that casual sex was the best option. Over the summer (we were not in the same town) we kept in touch and he started to tell me he liked me and wanted to take me out. I kept saying how I don't normally date and avoided saying I liked him back for some time. He stopped paying bunches of attention to me for a while. Now back at school we have actually hung out and talked and cuddled after sex and I like doing THAT. I'm wondering if he would still want more? Even if it wasn't formal dating? What do I do?


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  • You ask.

    He certainly gave you an opening: "So, over the summer you had said... I'm feeling a bit more positive about the whole relationship-thing..."

  • well I don't know, my feel is that even though your not officially in a relationship your almost in one at this point anyways. I mean have you asked him if he wanted to go out for dinner or do something more? if you don't ask or hint you want to do that a guy isn't going to know and if he knows he can just have sex with you there is no need on his part to do things like that


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