How do I get her to want to date if she "isn't sure"?

I really like this girl... Been talking for about a week in a half on a Dailey basis... I've told her I would like to try to date... She doesn't know if she wants to or not.. It's not like I would jump into anything right away. She won't even think about the possibility though.. I'm being very sweet to her and complimenting her all the time and trying to show her that I care.. What else can I do to be "her type"? Or just get her to consider me as a possibility? Girls? Guys? Any suggestions will help


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  • Give her a reason to want to be with you. Do something romantic, pull out all the stops for her. Aslong as she feels wanted and desired then she will wanna be with you. She needs to know you're gonna be genuine and actually wanna be with her


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  • The problem might not be you, it might be the girl. Maybe she is shy so she makes up excuses to not hang. Or she over thinks and in a way does not believe you, if that makes sense? Kinda like why does he want me? Just a lot of mental games she might have going on. Just ask her and tell her how you feel, have a heart whelming conversation. But don't push


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