Am I wrong in thinking this?

See one of the main reasons I don't date is because I don't want to get involved with anyone considering I'll most likely be moving to another state far from where I currently am and if the girl's not willing to move with me because of her own vocational endeavors, I don't see the need to waste time starting a relationship just to end it. It's unfair to the both of us when that time could have otherwise been spent elsewhere. I mean I guess I could always aim for a trophy wife, but that seems a bit to vain and superficial. Though it could also be because I think too much about things.

The vocational endeavors is just an example, other reasons like wanting to be closer to her family is something I'd understand as well I'm not heartless, but coming from someone who still loves what's left of my family.


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  • Then date when you're more settled down

    • That's my plan, but apparently people think that I'm getting to old to do that lol. Thank you for understanding

    • Don't worry about other people. Do what's right for you.

      I'm dating a guy that's planning on moving to a different country next year and we've been together for two years. Obviously I can't just drop my life and move with him. I wish we never started this only to end. I think you're doing the right thing

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  • I don't think you're wrong to hold off on dating because you plan on moving. I myself wouldn't expect someone to move with me. If I were you I would be looking for someone in the place you plan to move to.
    However on the other hand, you can always enjoy the moment. There's no reason to stress, if things are going well, enjoy the time. You can obviously let her know upfront that you plan to move so she knows what to expect.

    • and that would be wonderful if she accepts that and stays by her word, but often times that's never the case and then I feel guilty even though I don't think I should

    • Don't feel guilty about things out of your control. She's either going to want to make a big move in her life with you, or just enjoy the moment as she should, or she'll choose to just end it before it goes further. That's on her. Don't cut yourself short in dating period because of your living situation. Just be realistic in what you're going to get ( a more casual fling). Or like I suggested, look for women where you plan to be living so distance isn't an issue.

  • What about a non comitment arrangement before you leave? And when you do you can look for a serious thing then

    • Unfortunately that's almost impossible up wear I'm at everyone's in a rush to get married, so that's what the majority of women want, and those that don't either already have a relationship like that or are just uninterested in me lol.

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    • I'm. sure there must be atleaat one. Maybe you just don't want to? Therefore aren't looking hard enough? If not I recommend to invest in a box of lube and a premium account on p*rn. com

    • Well I do have a lady friend to fool around with, but it's not enough and we agreed to keep it casual oh well might as well enjoy it while it lasts

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