This girl is acting like she hates me... Is she serious or flirting?

We're sophomores in high school and this is her first year at my school. We talked a bit and in science class jokingly throw tiny erasers at each other when we're at different tables. The other day at lunch when she was walking behind me, and I'm sitting down I intentionally back up into her. Not hard enough to make her fall or anything. She laughed a bit and flicked me in the head. Since then though she's been acting like she hates me, and either said hi and she says "I hate you." She gives me mean looks, and makes mean comments all the time. This has been going on for three days.

1. Is she actually mad?

2. How do I change it so our interactions aren't like this? Even if she's kidding it don't want it to be like that.


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  • Tell her that her words hurt and you're sorry for whatever you did. Also try saying "well that's too bad because I love you" really flirty and convenient when she said I hate you

  • I think you pissed her off and are clueless why. Not sure what you did or said. .. just ask why she's been different.


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