What would would you mean by this?

You're really into someone and them you but they will go hot and cold at times then they tell you they don't want to stay in touch anymore, they're done... because they feel you're player. They say they're going to have someone else over so you tell them they've ruined things and hurt you. Go away... the day later they message you saying they don't want to fall out. You reply with simply 'ok'... what do you mean by ok?


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  • This is a guys way of saying he is sorry for what happened and he doesn't want to loose you even though he might have used all the wrong choice of words

    • Thanks. it was me who told him I thought he playing me so I was having another guy over? Then he said go away. I said I don't want to fall out n he put ok. Why only ok. Ok what?

    • Well if he didn't agree with you he would of said no so I guess just saying ok means he doesn't want to fall out either

  • I dont find the word okay good at all.


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