Girls would you be creeped if someone paid for something without telling you?

I own a small repair shop and a woman I like took her equipment to a competitor. She has kids and is a single mother so I guaranteed the owner of the other shop that the job would be paid. After several months the owner of the other shop called me and asked me for money. I paid and never said a word to her.

The same woman happens to be my neighbor. Every day I see her car drive by (or parked) with the same broken window. Aside from it driving me bat crazy, I want to help her out but don't know how to approach. I bought the part ($5.00) with the intention of offering but now don't know how to ask.

I have her number from work and don't feel comfortable calling for personal reasons. Creeper move. Also not sure how I feel about simply knocking on her door. Again, possible creeper. Do I wait until I see her again on the street? Do I knock on her door?

A little background: She was a customer of my business and didn't pay on time. When she came in we yelled at each other and then our eyes met. I've been embarrassed by my actions as I suspect she has too. I've seen her around town a few times (which was awkward) and then she moved into my neighborhood.

The times I've seen her I believe she has a little crush of me too. She stared at me from across a parking lot until I caught her then she looked away. I caught her watching me at a school activity (we both have kids). She adjusts her clothes when I'm around. (Not to sound creepish, but I've seen her talk to other guys and she doesn't do that).

Last month we went for a walk when she told me she was seeing some guy out of state so I didn't ask her out. I have my reasons to believe she is no longer seeing him (she's home on the weekends now).

Is it wrong of me to use the car part as another way of talking to her? Should I knock on her door or use a number I pulled for business? I don't want to come off as a 40 something year old creep.


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  • Knock in her door. And say hello, sorry to bother you... I'm ___ And, I think we may have gotten off on the wrong foot. I'd to make ammends. If you'd permit. me I'd like to repair ___ for free of course. if that makes you uncomfortable, then maybe you could make it up to me by agreeing to go out for coffee or something one day. Something like that but don't come on too strong. And don't be bumbed if she declines. And give her time to talk, but. not too much where she has enough to come up with a million excuses.

    • That sounds like a reasonable answer. At my age it's hard to get bummed out by someone turning you down. My concern is coming off too creepy. My female friends unanimously agreed that calling from a number I received through work is wrong. Are you saying "make it up to me" with regards to fixing her car? Because of how he met I've been really careful not to come off too strong. It's funny you say that because that's my fear.

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    • I wish there was a tie button because you and poppykate gave me some great ideas. She suggested I sympathize with her kids having to endure cold rides to school. You suggested moving the payback for the favor to a date. Both are excellent. You gave me some excellent insight that I wasn't getting from my female friends. Thanks again.

    • My pleasure, that's what I do! Need any future advice, comment on this and I'll inbox you:) best wishes to you!

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  • I would approach it as a neighbourly favour/ for the safety of the children. i would knock on the door and say something like ' I noticed you driving the kids off to school with the broken window- it is silly with you driving the children in a car with a broken window, when I can fix it. I really do think more neighbours need to do more kind favours for one another. I said hi to my neighbour last month, and asked her if her lawn mover was broken, as her grass was super long. She didn't have a mover and could afford to have it mowed since her husbands employment. So I drop over the mower, along with a basket of goodies like chocolates, coffee, tea etc.

    • You know, great idea! It's starting to get really cold in the northeast and she does take the kids to school in that car. The thought of one of her kids being in the backseat at 7:30AM in 30 degree weather crossed my mind. And she does have to tape plastic when it rains. Imagine when snow falls. I've been having a heck of a time coming up with a simple way to talk to her more without being pushy or creeping her out. Thank you!

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    • Do you have kids? She has boys and I'm wondering if I should ask one of the boys for help or if that would be too weird. My thought is without a father around it might be a good thing for one of them to have some guy time and learn to use tools. Or would that be weird?

    • Actually, I don't have children. But I think that would be a good idea. But you you probably find that the kids will come out and watch you anyway because kids are just curious. ( assuming they are between the ages of 3-12 years). I

  • Thats so sweet of you! Hehe i actually do that for mates, if they have tabs on some sort, but i always do it they know who does it, its kind of lost its meaning now but lol i really don't mind.. In your situation just let the mechanic hand her a note stating "hope you dont mind me helping you out 😏 (insert street name)" she would be thankful not creeped out heh


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