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Okay so there's this guy (A) I (K) met last night while my friend (D) was meeting his friend (S) and they kinda needed us to be less shy, now here's the thing : the guy is 4years older than me but I'm mature for my age (15), probably even more than some older girls. We talked for about 2hours us four and it was amazing ! I really want to know him better but I still think about something he said... Here's the situation : A was joking to D about his age, saying he was 21 while he is 19. He knew D for almost two years and said to her "I knew you when you were 15, and I was 19 (part of the joke). Why do you think I never tried to flirt with you? I won't date a 15yo girl at 19! Do you think it works? — Yes (D's answer) — Not in my world lol!" then he said he was joking and he is not 21 but 19... But he is really beautiful and we're all from the same country and it was so nice talking to him about what I wanna do in life, about my hometown, we all laughed, etc... But he doesn't know my age and he didn't ask and I don't want it to be some kind of barrier between me and him. While driving us home, he even asked us if we wanted to go to a hookah bar (which only accepts 17-18yo minimum) so he must think I'm the same age as D (17) who is "almost" dating his best friend S (probably the same age as him, around 18)... And now I have him on Fb and I just really want something with him or at least get to know him better ! And please dont think I'm one of these young girls that want to act like grown ups... Just put yourself in my situation : having the same mentality as older ones and just feeling a great complicity with a guy.. Thanks for anyone who'll help me


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  • I agree with bizmarkee... he knows your age. If he didn't already ask someone who knows then his estimates are right. He knows you're young and I'm not saying anything about him, but you must just be careful of guys that much older than you. They may seem nice, decent and amazing people, but because he's the age he is, he knows how younger girls think and will say ANYTHING to get what he wants.

    Please be careful.

  • Trust me he knows how old you are. He's just a creeper.

    • Sorry I made a "thumbs down", thought it was to reply to you... Anyways..
      _About your comment, maybe it sounds like that the way I developped my story but he and his friend are really good guys, they're friends with a guy that used to date a friend of mine for three years, and she is the one that broke up. So you could say the guys are pretty respectful.. And a lot of people I know think I'm 18 until I tell them...
      Maybe with the informations I add you see the situation from a different point of view?

    • Nope, still a creeper. Trust me, he knows how old you are.

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