Was it best to walk away if he didn't want a relationship right then or wait around a few months like he wanted me to? PLEASE HELP?

I met a guy and had been talking/seeing him for the past two and a half months. The first month and a half we talked on the phone 3-4 days a week but did not see each other because I had gone back home from college. When I returned to college I began to see him around twice a week for a month. When I first met him he told me he did not want a relationship but I continued to talk to him because I really believed that I did not want a relationship either. When I returned to college and began seeing him I realized that I desired a relationship with him. I told him how I felt and he said that he could see a future with us and that I should wait a year which he ended up shortening to a few months for him to be ready to fully commit to me. I realized after a month of seeing him and two and a half months of talking that I wanted a commitment right then and did not want to wait two more months especially over the fact that he told me that he messed with girls on the side even though he stated that his level of connection with the other girls were just as texting buddies and he was only trying to build a relationship with me. He even stated that if one of these girls offered to have sex with him he would have sex with them ( I am a virgin and was not having sex with him). I got sick of the side girls and told him it's either me or them & when he chose to be single I decided to stop talking to him. He was greatly upset and wanted me to wait around for him to be ready to commit to me in a couple of months but I could not wait when what I wanted was a relationship right then. So I walked away from him. He told me he still wanted to be friends and I told him for now I wanted no contAct and if I wanted to be friends in the future then I would call him and let him know. Did I do the right thing by walking away?


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  • Yes, I think you did the right thing. He's young, he's horny and that's ok. It's human nature. He wants to mess around and sleep with other girls if he can, fine. Despite what he says he is clearly not ready to commit to you. You're a virgin and that should be respected. Sex is a serious commitment and should not be taken as lightly as you would see on tv. He knows what's right for him and you know what is right for you. Your needs do not appear compatible at the moment and who would want to be with someone who tells you that they would have sex with other people if they could. I applaud your maturity. I am sure that there is someone on your campus right now who would respect your wishes and go at the pace you are comfortable with. Be proud of yourself.


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  • Leave his ass. Hea on the bs if he wanted u he would have went for u. Gotta be a bit selfish when it comes to the starting to get together phase of a relationship


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