Girls who would you pick shorter or taller guy?

I probably know the answer to this one but why not do an experiment anyway

Say you have two guys one shorter than you by 4 inches and the other one taller than you by 4. judging from looks alone without personalities, careers etc.

  • -4 inches Shorter (good looking, fit)
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  • + 4 inches Taller (average looking, average build)
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  • See results im male
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Oh girls are so shallow


Most Helpful Girl

  • Men take height preferences so personally, without realising its usually the girls own insecurity or whatever that drives the want for a tall man.

    I prefer tall men. I do not necessarily think they are more attractive, but as a tall woman they make me feel more feminine and less behemoth-esque.


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What Girls Said 3

  • I don't see how thats being shallow. If the girls picked the other one guys could say that we only picked that one because he's fit. I personally had a hard time picking it. Even though you said not to think of personality, I still did so yea. It hard for me to pick anyone without a personality check

  • you know its sad if height is the only defining factor. i like choose people based on other things you know

  • Unless i really really really really times 100 liked him or loved him


What Guys Said 1

  • You forgot to mention the tall, handsome, kind, polite, gentleman, funny and outgoing guy in your poll. I think they'd go with that one. actually i think that if you take "tall" from my description, they'd still go with that guy.

    But i guess your poll was not just a general thing, but based on something you are going through right now and would like to know if the girl would go with you or with the other guy. Truth is 4 inches difference in her favour is... noticeable. How tall are you?

    • Im making it as an experiement purely based on height alone not on looks personality or what so ever, but say the shorter one has better looks than the taller one they'd still pick the taller one

    • It's hard to leave personality out of any study that discusses preferences in choosing a partner.
      Women don't like it for the man to be shorter. And if you run into a girl with a shorter partner you'd hear this "he is a great guy, makes me laugh and knows how to treat me". Talking about height alone as you want: they'd go for tall. It's about that thing called "security" and the man being able to defend the woman. It's in the genes.
      To manage to answer your question somehow... let's say the short and tall guy have the same EXACT personalities and treat the women exactly the same. The fact that the short guy is good looking, compensates for his height issue but will not make the height issue disappear and girls will be like "yeah, but he's shorter". The fact that the taller guy is average looking, would bring down his attractiveness and girl will overlook him being "tall". If they had to choose one of the two it would depend on how big the "looks"difference between them.