Perspective on relationship with older people?

So I like this man who is in his late 30s/ early 40s but im 24, I find him attractive and we've been talking for a while now. His very fit, he hss a 6 pack, tall, nice smile, pretty green eyes, his kinda skinny but masculine. He has a beard but its clean and cut. Over all his is very nice and loving, works hard. Last night we had sex for the first time and that really brought us closer, its was soo good. He hasn't been married just dating but he's single now. I feel kinda weird about telling my friends and family about him. I dont know what to expect from them. What are your perspective on dating older men or women?


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  • I've been there and done that. At the end of the day, do what makes you happy. If y'all wanna date exclusively then do it. Don't let your family or friends talk you out of your own happiness.


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  • women normally go for older men because of maturity... women mature faster than men do... im living proof im 27 and i act 17 most of the time LMAO

  • Sound like you really want to date this guy, so just date him. Make sure you're on the same level as far as life stages


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