A question as old as the world... Whats the best way to ask a woman for their number for a date, hook up ect?

im asking this (besides the obvious reason) because im interested in how girls would feel about a stranger doing this and how guys would make their approach to a woman under these circumstances

  • stranger danger
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  • love is something you wait for
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  • dont be a wimp and make the approach
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  • my favorite pop-tart is chocolate chip cookie
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  • i dont know a good approach
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Most Helpful Girl

  • slip them a note with your number on it and a cute NON -SKEEVIE short message, like i think you're cute/ beatiful smile/ love to get to know you. Then walk away.


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What Girls Said 1

  • Do it but don't be a creep. Spark a conversation and get vibes if you can or just a simple 'Hey, How are you... My name is... Can i give/have my/your number?'


What Guys Said 1

  • To ask for a number, after having had a dope conversation with her, just be like, hey im about to head out but it was a pleasure talking to you, (hand her your phone) put in your number i'll text you sometime, maybe we can continue this some time over coffee or something. (notice i didn't ask, i just give the phone to her)

    You don't ask to hook up, it just happens when you two are making out on a couch or something.. it'll just happen... you don't say "i would like to engage in more physical contact, may i slip my hand down your jeans and start a session of hook up?" lol