What to say if you ask a girl out and she rejects you?

So there's this really cool girl who's in a lot of the same classes as me and we often sit together lectures and I want to ask her out. I have never asked a girl out before simply because I've never really needed to.
I'm just going to make is simple and straightforward, something along the lines of "I really like you and I was wondering if you would like to go on a date sometime?"

I have been sort of flirting with her and I think she's flirting back but I really can't be sure. So, if she says no what do I do? Do I just say OK and walk away or...
I really have no idea. I don't even really know what to say if she says yes lol. Advice is appreciated.


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  • That is GREAT START, im so glad you wrote what you wrote. Being upfront and confident with a girl is the beest way to go. and she will give you bonus points for manning up to your feelings and telling her exactly what you want rather than dancing around the subject.

    If she says she no for any reason.

    You can insist ONCE, if she was somewhat hesitant like" ummmm idk... i'm reallly busy... ummm"

    you can say :" hey, we both get lunch somewhere, what's the worst that can happen eh?" and she'll prolly say, fine..

    but if for somereason she gave you a SOLID no, then just be like, "alright, i understand... i just thought maybe you'd be interested in meeting outside of class sometime. it's all good though, no worries" and SMILE, so you don't come off as like "heart broken or crushed" cuz then you just made an awkward moment... there's a chance she could see your smile at the end and feel like she knows she just turned you down and then feels bad and decides to say fuck it, and give you a chance. so... no mtter what happens, be very positive and CONFIDENT about it.

    • Yeah, I figured confidence would make it a lot less awkward. Yeah, that's probably the best way :). Hopefully she says yes though haha, thanks.

    • yeah man no problem brodie, hope this answer was the most helpful advice you wanted to hear.

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