I love my boyfriend.. but im crushing on someone else?

So I have been with my boyfriend for 7 months now and its a predominantly long distant relationship. He lives in another country and I only see him once every few months, and although its gotten a bit easier I still find myself missing him alot. Its also sometimes difficult to find enough time to talk everyday so i start actually doubting the relationship even though there is nothing technically wrong with us. So the problem is, I've started developing feelings for another guy. I would never act upon them but I find myself constantly flirting with him and he is often on my mind. I feel horrible about it. I have heard through friends that he has a major crush on me and im scared that im slowly returning the feelings. I dont want to lead him on and I feel like im cheating on my boyfriend by not cutting him off. I feel like i only like this guy because he is physically there and gives me attention (i know, sounds really bad) so why can't i just snap out of it? should i speak to my boyfriend about it? I dont want him to lose his trust in me over something that could not be even 'real'.
Also, the guy isn't aware that i have a boyfriend..
I love my boyfriend.. but im crushing on someone else?
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