So I had three girls to choose from and chose one, I went out yesterday to ask her out, but by the end of the day had asked out the other 2?

... successfully. I really like the one i was going to ask out but i got lead into asking the other two girls out, one of whom is growing on me. See now i don't have a clue what to do, one of the girls i don't think that it can practically work with in the long run but i still asked her out, one i get on really well with but am still developing feelings for and the one i wanted i have strong feelings for but we have to work at conversations etc.

Keep the hate (though justified) to a minimum please, wtf do i do! ?


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  • Something very similar happened to me. I got 3 girls numbers in the same night at a party. One of them I really liked, more than the other two. I backed off of one because I figured my friend was interested in her as well.

    I couldn't secure a date with the one I liked, probably because she knew the other girl and wanted me to give her a chance. But, the other girl was turning out not to be my type.

    Long story short, I ended up breaking it off with the one that wasn't my type. But by then the one I liked had moved on.

    So, didn't get any girl.

    Make your decision quick is what I'm telling you. If you prolong the dating, you're gonna be left in hot water.

    It sounds like the one you like is turning out to be a bit of a dud. The second one is going up and up. The third, why are you even trying? :/

    I'd put my money on the second one. Sounds like there's more potential there. Go with your gut on her. If need be, go a little further to figure it out, but not more than one more date. You'll find you were right all along.

    • Thanks man that helped quite a bit

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  • It is called dating! I think that as long as you are not sleeping with any of these girls, and you haven't said you wanted to be exclusive, than it is just dating, and you should take them out and have fun.

    • so, what if they all know each other?

    • Then I would let them know that you are just dating at the moment, to get to know them better. I wouldn't let it drag out to long ( say 3 dates max) before making a decision.

    • But don't be surprised if they are also dating people. It has to be a two-way street for it to work.

  • did you asked them out like "let's hangout" kinda way or like" let's be exclusive, be a couple" kinda way? I guess thats the key point. If you implied being a couple that can be fucked up, and that makes you an asshole. but if it was more of a casual way it is okay. But you have to let them know that you have other dates. and I think it shouldn't last more that one test date. It would be giving false hope.

  • Well your not in relationship so I don't see the problem. Go for one you like. If you actually like one how can you be torn by 3

    • well my mate told me i was a complete an asshole for doing this, you think i can date more than one at once?

    • Yes your not in a realationship. Every single girl I no does haha. Maybe there different in uk

  • This is why I wouldn't want to date lol but sometimes you gotta do it :/


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