What should I talk about with my crush?

I just got my crush's number~ And we texted a bit on sunday. :) But now I don't know what to talk about with him. :( also how often should I text him? We're a bit like musical friends because we met at a music competition 2 weeks ago :) Also he loves Shostakovich and I don't really understand Shostakovich.. >_<

And I notice that the more we talk the more differences we have :( I like Ashkenazy but he finds Ashkenazy's playing not really easy to feel the music...
Also every time I send something to him I always freak out and start thinking if it sounds stupid and then when we were talking about the Strauss family I suddenly blurted out that J. S. Bach had 20 children and only 10 lived to adulthood...


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  • Find some other common interests. Make small talk and try to see what interests him.


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