What does it mean when a guy comes back?

We dated and things were great. He seemed to like me a lot and even told me he liked me. After our wow date he pulled away. Now this guy didn't live in my town, he had a lot going on with school and deiciding where to take his masters and he had a lot going on with work and traveling, he told me he didn't have time for anything serious.
I was broken and we didn't talk for 6 months.

Now he has moved to my town and is taking his masters at university here, and he contacted me and wanted to meet, i met him and it was really fun, as if nothing had happened.

I was so suprised when he contacted me because i thought he wasn't interested or he had found someone else.
He told me that i shouldn't hesitate contacting him when i wanted too and i should come over for coffe at his place.

I asked him if he wanted to do something after i came home from my trip and he said yes.

Im scared of trying again i dont want to be hurt again, what if he does the same thing again, what if he still doesn't have time for anything serious and im friendzoned?

From a guys perspective, is he interested? i


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  • Sounds like he is. People in general sometimes need time to sort things out. He didn't want to start a relationship because of school and his masters, he was honest in telling you this. Now he is done has come back and wants very much to see you. Go for it!

    • I mean if he wasn't interessted at all than why want to meet right?

    • He wouldn't want to if he wasn't interested.

  • I think he's interested, now you need to find out in what is he interested, maybe it's not the interest you would like maybe it is.


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