Could he of been cheating?

For the past month my bf didn’t really want to have sex or do anything because he was “tired” from work. When he ususally works those amount of hours. So not sure why he was just to tired to do it when before he wasn’t. He also just got a new pickup and bought a dog. So maybe it was moneywise and he was stressed. He said another reasson was because i dont trust him all the way and we have now been dating for a little over a year. He gets mad because he wants me to trust him. Then whem i try talking to him about our relationship he doesn't really listen because he hates fighting. Which if he listen n actually did it we wouldn't keep talking about it or fighting. Then i asked if he was cheating just for the fact he would always want to do it. We maybe did once a week when it was more than that before. He would be crabby and take it out on me as well. But Now it’s back to normal for us but im just wondering if guys go through spurts Or maybe he was cheating on me? He never wants to take a break when I ask either. His dad can be a. jerk sometimes so it kinda just runs in the family.


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  • I wouldn't assume that he is cheating on you. There are many explanations for a decreased sex drive, even for men. I feel like, in his case, it may just be a combination of stress and him being tired. Just because he works those same hours all the time doesn't mean he will always have plenty of energy and never be tired. I think you should just give him the benefit of the doubt.

    Also, if he is upset that you don't trust him then perhaps you should start trying to trust him more. Asking him if he is cheating on you shows him that you don't trust him and gives him a sign that you are insecure which could really bother him. I know it would bother me if my partner of over a year didn't trusted me. I'm sure he was upset that you just assumed he was cheating simply because he didn't want sex as often as usual. I think you should just try to work on trusting him a little more, it might take some of the pressure off of your relationship.

    Maybe you could try talking to him calmly about things, don't come at him in an aggressive way so that he won't interpret it as you trying to fight with him. It may also be good to do some nice things for him to relax and relieve some of his stress. For example, you could cook a nice meal for him or maybe give him a back massage or something. Just any little thing to show him that you appreciate him and care for him, etc. I'm sure he would love something like that and it may help him to not be as stressed so much :)