Did she lost interest? What would you think?

I know Its a rather silly question that can't be given a sure answer, so Im asking of you (guys mostly) what would you think if you were me. Ι met this cute Russian girl recently and I took her out only once, last Thursday in a restaurant. Since then almost 4 days passed. I was the only one who started texting her. I texted her two times and the second time (today) I still have no answer. I know for sure she is a very busy girl but couldn't she just sent a quick and short reply? Im afraid she lost interest in me although she was the one saying that we will surely meet again. What are your thoughts?

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  • Is she full Russian or what?

    • Russian living in Germany.

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    • Interesting. Thank you for that and yes I was about to stop texting her. Im not desperate and i won't be seen as such.

    • Wish you the best.

      Russian girls are extremely hard to read. They are flirty in person and seem to have a lot of interest, but over text they disappear

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