Guys, is it possible my hookup might still want more?

In March I slept with a guy. In April we got back in touch right as we moved away from school to go home for the summer. We texted (mostly sexted) for a while. In July he started mentioning he might want to take me on a date and that he liked me. I never said I wouldn't date him, I just said I wasn't used to it and normally don't. He didn't give me much attention in August, we only had maybe one or two long conversations. In September we hooked up again and, during the sex, he said "Look at me" and had us make eye contact. We cuddled for a while after. The next week I asked if he was still interested in taking me out or not, he got pretty distant saying that I said I only wanted hookups and he wasn't sure if he could commit. He told me "Same as you, not good at getting hurt" about not wanting to date. The next day he came over and we had sex. But we spent more time cuddling, talking, tickling each other, goofing off and sweetly kissing each other. It was a really good time. He still doesn't text me or snapchat me first anymore - I know he is busy, but I'm not sure if I have a chance with him or not. What should I do?


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  • seems to me all he wants right now is a hookup... not a relationship


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  • I know I'm not a guy but I advice you to end it because you are clearly developing feelings for him and it seems he enjoys that more than that he shares those same feelings. It's all a play.

    • Are you sure? He's REALLY into cuddling and eye contact and says things like "I wish someone was sleeping here next to me, you better spend the night next time" and that I should play certain video games with him sometime.

    • No he's just having a good time, and you can enjoy this to if you can keep your feelings under control and just... enjoy the moment. Been there, done that. I actully prefer my sexual relations to be like that.. it's sex with friendship.

      But if you really want to be sure, ask him! By the way: I assume you guys are not exclusive, so you have other sexbuddies?

    • Not sure. I don't because I'm too busy to be honest. The other week he asked if I was free and I wasn't. I suggested he go on Tinder saying "For a good time call" and when I asked if he had any takers he said "Just you". So I don't know if he has others on the side. We don't discuss it.