Don't get him sometimes , what do you think?

Cut a long story short we live 200 miles apart so meeting can be hard , he texted me today asking to meet up because he was near my area because of work , I replied yes ok but then he says I've got to be back for work in two hours maybe we should leave it? . I said ok that's fine then he repied " if you answered myedsaged earlier we could've " . I was at work :/ it felt like he was blaming me , he then said did he bore me last night " jokingly " ... And this is because I fell asleep while texting last night , even tho I messaged him this morning apologizing about that !! He seems off with me. I said for him to let me know how his job went but he hasn't messaged me even tho he's online in chat... Is he being off do you think? Should I ask? Or?

Answered my message that meant


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  • Maybe if people CALLED instead of relying on TEXT, they would be answered faster and there'd be a lot less confusion.

    • We are both at work so can't always call

    • Well you can always call and try. And if they don't answer right away, do what we used to do in the old days, leave a message, or CALL BACK.

      Texting dehumanizes people.

    • Yes I do
      Prefer calling but we text most of the time , just feels like he's beinn off with me

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