Girls, Would you rather be in a relationship with a one night stand, or someone that will be honest with you for a lifetime?

Its simple really.. You either want one person to notice you, or you want a bunch to. The choice of matter is your own, but I am just a curious guy.


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  • I'll take the honest with you for a lifetime... hands down.

  • Have to ask how can you be in a relationship with a one night stand? Or did you mean a series of one night stands? Just a curious girl

    • I mean date someone who was a one night stand who you've become attached to. And then have them dump you because of just being a 'Slam Piece' I suppose would be the correct term.

    • Ah I get it now. I'll take the honest life timer.

    • That's what i thought most girls would want. I mean, wouldn't you get more out of life that way rather than knowing they could be hooking up with other guys.

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