How do I tell if I seriously have a crush on him?

So there's this guy that I think I have a crush on... but how do I know for sure?


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  • mmm get to know him and if you like and are pleased with what you discover on the inside of the surface you're scratching then keep on digging and see if you can find buried treasure that appeals to you.

    • ooh noice:D TyvM!:)

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    • Thanks!! Bythe way, I think you'll be excited to know... he said yes!!

    • omgeeeomgeomgeomgeee! NOICE! hahaa! this is awesome d00d! im happy and proud for ya! :D :D ^-^!

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  • I would say that if you find your self think about him like all the time. If you aren't really sure still make a list of what you "look" for in a guy then make a list of what you like about him. Compare both of the lists. If you made a list of 10 things see if he matches at least 6 of them. Hope that helps :)

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