Why do guys act really inappropriately around me?

He's a really good friend of mine, normally we are slightly perverted but today he was drawing dicks on my desk with pencil and when I'd erase it he'd say "faster... faster!" In a sexual voice and then he'd draw them again when I'd get done. Plus he's always throughing my trapper keeper around like a game, we are like brother and sister so it's like a playful thing he does, then he asks everyone including me "are you feeling sexy today?" That all happend today, but I don't get it, if he likes me, why would he talk about his gf with no name? I haven't asked for her name, but it's weird. And he knew that I liked him 2 years ago, why didn't he ask me out? I told him not to tell anyone that I liked him then, but he never asked me out... maybe we are "too close" for dating? We've been friends since 1st grade now we're freshman. Also he jokingly calls me ugly... I know for a fact I'm not. I actually think I'm one of the best looking in the grade. Or in the upper 3/4.


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  • hahaa! faster faster! that shit was funny. xD you two are just in the comfortable zone now. maybe when he matures more he'll realize what he wants, might be you, it might not be. but right now he's just being a freshman boy in high school. that's it.

    • I was laughing the whole time though. It didn't bother me at the time until I realized that he may like me.

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  • He sounds very immature to me give him a few years to grow up and stop drawing cocks and he may be bf material but stay away from him for now

  • guys get honrey and act innapropriately
    just like fish get hungry and swim... who cares why

  • If you like each other, you're not brother and sister. If he's got a girlfriend, I think he just likes knowing he's still attractive to other women, besides, he knows you liked him. I think he's just messing around with you because he knows you did

    • We weren't quite as close then.

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    • We are like best friends, not brother and sister.

    • In your question you said "bro and sis", stop changing your story

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  • Agh. That'd annoy me. & honestly, he does it because he lets you do it. I had that happen to me for a little while when I was in 11th grade... & I was close to him as well... We kind of liked each other but I think he got too comfortable with me and started acting out like that. I had a penis in sharpie on my binder (>_<) like what the f*ck man? lol So I told him off about it and I don't think he really understood or took me seriously...
    However, my dad picked me up from his house one night and he had found out about the penis drawing - after my dad walked up to his door and talked to him... oh he definitely got it.

    People treat you how you allow them to treat you. Demand respect - it goes a far way, even at your age now. Nonsense is nonsense for a reason and you don't need to put yourself subject of attack when it comes to things like that. It may not seem like a big deal but it definitely comes off a different way to the boys acting out.