Does he love me or is a normal being?

there is a guy whom i feel likes me a bit. I guess he is perhaps shy to let me know this as I caught him staring at me when I turned to look at him (he turned away his eyes) once. he also complimented me about my hairstyle and eyes. he often tells me u have avery kind heart. Few days back we were chatting on Facebook and we began to discuss what is love and romance. He wanted to know my views on love and romance in short. then two days back i said to him in front of our colleagues that you are very moody and serious person by nature. perhaps he didn't like it. after one day when we chatted over facebook, he said to me "that day you said it again and again that i am serious/veryserious but i may look different from outside but i may different from heart. does he love me? or he is a normal person? not to mention, i was very ill in Aug earlier. he msged my friend (who was not added with him) that she must take me to the hospital.


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