Mixed Feelings... Don't Know What To Do About It!?

I have always been very choosy with women. This is mainly because I try to hold high standards for my life and try hard to make my life worth something. I am 23, finished college, have a career and just trying to build financial stability. In terms of my women, I like the following:

-Fit and in-shape (because I also go to the gym often)

-College educated (because I am also college educated)

-No Kids (This is a big one).

Recently, this girl started talking to me. She randomly introduced herself to me at the mall and is actually from a town 1.5 hours away (she was just visiting and thinking about moving to the area). Anyway, we exchanged Facebook accounts and started talking, and then we eventually started talking on Snapchat. The thing is, this girl goes against everything I am against:

-She is overweight (not too bad, and she has a very cute face).

-She didn't finish college (but she plans on going back one day),

-She was married previously, is now divorced and has a kid (she is 24 and her kid lives with the dad).

She is not the type of girl I'd go for... but every time I talk to women that suit my requirements... they are lacking in the personality department. This girl I am talking to, despite her flaws, we hit it off pretty well.

This girl isn't shy either. She has expressed interest in getting to know me, going on a date with me, making out with me and having sex with me XD. She also told me that she likes me a lot.

I'm just not sure what to do. Any suggestions?


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  • At some point in our lives we all have vision our idea mate however in some occasions we realize what may be good too us may not be good for us. We all should get a mate that will exel us in some way shape or form I feel your mate should be strong in the areas that you are weak and vice versa its not all about lips hips and fingertips.. its all about does this person makes you happy when you two are together, its about sharing the same goals, its about when you vision yourself do you see her onside of you and its about the times when you are alone and you have every opportunity to think about anything else but instead you think about her. Maybe you are the inspiration she needs to get in shape may she is the motivation you need to keep you smiling everyday. Always remember it love is the answer who cares what is the question. Genuine love works through faults and does not hold a memory to recall it back into existence. Good luck

  • Give it a shot. The gifts we're given don't always have the wrapping we expect. You'll see her in a different light later (positive).

    • I suppose you are right.

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