Am I just odd for not liking my boyfriend back as much as he likes me?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for a month. I was the one who had a crush on him and had my friend do my dirty work of asking him out for me. Now we are dating and he has come to realize he likes me a ton. His brothers tell him that he is whipped. I'm just over here like, I like you but not as much as you like me. I was talking to my sister about this and she says she can't love but she does like people. She thinks I'm the same. Its cute on how much he likes me but I just don't have as strong of feelings back to him. I really like him for cuddling, close intimate touches, conversation, and lots of other things. Maybe he just isn't the one and I just want a friends with benefits for the intimate touch. Any opinions? I'm just curious what other would say about this.



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  • everyone is different and the important think is to respect each other and not lie to him


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  • Your just looking for sex that's all so you need tell him
    you most likely will never know how to love some of the
    stuff i see on here gives me ill feelings here i am age 46
    a nice guy , very loving than you got a site full of babies
    age 13 to 24 who control this fucken site no morals or
    respect for their self , they could have their dick in their
    hand jacking it off enjoying pretending to be girl i think that
    one over too

  • girls like you that make me happy to be single


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