What nice things can I do for my friend to show him I care about him as more than a friend?

There is a guy friend of mine who has lately been really sweet to me. He compliments me, gave me a nice gift, helps out with fixing things for me and always takes the time to find out how I am and listen to me. I have a crush on him and I want to know how I can show him that I care about him too. I don't want to just start hitting on him, I want to take things slowly and romantically. Obviously I take time to talk to him and listen to him, but beyond that, what can I do to show him I care? I just want to sweep him off his feet :) In a non-sexual way.

I'll put it another way: How do I romance a guy?


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  • Long walks in the park followed by picnics (great opportunities for long talks), cute texts throughout the day, movie nights cuddled on the couch (getting nippy in the evenings, so a shared blanket is fun), holding hands... these are all things that'd work for me :) (and they're all things you can instigate yourself)



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  • Kiss him. Pretty simple really. You're going to have to put some sexual tension in the air otherwise he may not know you're INTO him that way. So you're going to have to risk rejection and make a bold move by kissing him.

    • Oh wow, I'm so scared though 😱
      I've never kissed a guy before, plus he's really tall so I'd have to wait till we were sitting down, I think...

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    • Good luck. Sounds like you've found a keeper.

    • I told him I liked him and he likes me back :)

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