Does kissing get better the more you do it?

I had my first kiss about 8 months ago and never went out with the guy again cause it just didn't work out. A couple months after that I dated a guy I sort of liked for about a month. We kissed a few times and had a drunken makeout once. The only time I didn't feel awkward kissing him was when we were drunk. In fact, I was really confident.

For the last month and a half I've been dating this guy I really like. We get along really well and I have a lot of feelings for him. He waited until our 7th date to kiss me and this was a couple days ago. I had been wanting him to kiss me so bad and then when it happened it felt awkward like with the other guys. I was so nervous I couldn't really enjoy it. It was weird for me.

Am I still not experienced enough to really enjoy it? Does it get better and less awkward feeling?


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  • I'd say so, yeah. You always get a little bit of a thrill from kissing someone, and with someone new it's understandable that you might feel a bit self-conscious, wanting to impress and all that, but it does become more comfortable as you do more of it, like anything else really.

    Maybe it could be enjoyed as it is, however that may be? I mean, you're kissin' someone because you like them, right? You want to, so why not enjoy it? Also, there's a space that can be found, I think, where you enjoy the moment, the experience of it, and you're also completely aware of it all, of this other person who is so close, and you can sort of listen and respond to each other, speaking through touch, y'know? And that's a beautiful place.

    But I digress, I think you'll be fine. Just remember that it's their first time kissin' you too, so they might be self-conscious about their performance too! So maybe you feel awkward, but maybe you're not alone in that? Besides, it's not like it's exactly terrifying to practice and get better now, is it :) ? Maybe if you just try and relax a little and appreciate the kiss as it happens, then it might not bee so awkward or unpleasant.


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  • i can get better more then likely though u just need to get used to kissing him lol

    practice practice practice im sure he won't mind making this "sacrifice"

  • My gf (of 2 years) and I have started kissing more the last few months, and it's felt a bit awkward for me. But I enjoy it a lot, so I keep up my half of it :) Doing it more can certainly make it easier/more fun - it does keep getting better for us.

    We had a few breakthrough kisses where there was a kiss and then one of us said "oh, I really liked that kiss" and then the other one said to him/herself "okay! I liked that too; we'll try and do that more!" There were a few "what do you like in a kiss" conversations, and they were a bit helpful, but what was really good was practice and positive comments after kisses we liked.

    BTW, nothing says you can't invite him to kiss you if you want that kiss :) "Do you want to kiss me goodnight?" is a great, easy way to ask.


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