Is this a Catfish? Or am I over thinking?

I've been talking to this guy for about 5 months now, but because of the distance I didn't want to take it serious and I told him that. It was then that he decided that he wanted to change his entire life to be able to give us chance. From here things seemed entirely too convenient, for instance, his family supposedly has a firm about an hour away from me that they wanted someone to take over, and they figured it could be him. he was due to arrive here September 5, and I patiently waited for that day to come. But now, almost 3 weeks have passed, and I still haven't seen them. every time I tried to make plans, he either bails on me, ignores me when I try to ask where he is, or make up some excuse as far as work. Supposedly he's finally made it to my part of town, but he only gave another excuse as to why he couldn't see me. I've looked up ways to tell if somebody is cat fishing you, and from the information it's really hard to tell. For instance, I've seen his picture and he's not some model, he doesn't ask me for money, or anything for that matter, and we always talk on the phone. But some things, although he's humble about them, seen fantastical. Like the fact that he's rich, has a private jet, can buy a million $$ home if he wanted to. It seems too good to be true, and I'm worried that he's avoiding me so that he doesn't have to own up to his lie. Am I right for thinking this way? Or am I being impatient and pessimistic about a situation that could be good? Comments will be most appreciated!


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  • "Like the fact that he's rich, has a private jet, can buy a million $$ home if he wanted to"

    My mouth kind of opened when you said that. I mean lol a cheap jet starts at like 5-10 million to buy probably, with lots of upkeep. My guess is he's lying to you unfortunately.

    • This dude has a reason for everything lol I asked about that before and he said it's his family's and that they come from old money -.-

    • Yeah it's possible but very unlikely. Most celebrities don't even have those. They are a huge money sink and most I think have them for business. If they are old money, I doubt they are currently doing business trips. I mean the super rich often have them for easier and more comfortable frequent traveling (business). Also I'm kind of surprised he would even share that with you. It sounds like he wants to show off :p

      Yeah I knew a guy that would pilot those private jets in his 20s. He would often lie to beautiful young women about owning one and take them on a first date in the jet. Oh his friend that he flew for owned one. So he would take them on first dates, impress the hell out of them, have lot of sex and would never call them back.

      It's possible but sounds fishy.

    • Omg your story is depressing haha, its hard to know for sure what's real and what's not, but I totally agree, it's far too fishy. Thank you for your input! :)

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  • Well. I say it's a catfish. That's too much info to share. He was using it to get to you and now he thinks he had you. Tell him that you want the truth or you're finished. Act like you know something but keep him guessing.

    Just so you know, I'm rich with 2 homes in Florida and a yacht that I use as a stripper house every so often.

    Oh. I'm also the female version of Christian Gray.

    • i just wouldn't understand the motive.. he's never asked me for money or anything sketchy, and he's not some hot model, so what's the point? But I totally agree with giving him an ultimatum. Thank you! :)

    • Sometimes there's no motive other than making yourself more appealing. He wanted you and he got you and is trying to keep you.

      I'd have some conversations with him and tell him to be truthful.

  • lol :( Have you tried to google with his pictures.

    • Yes, and nothing came up :-/

    • I still think it's fake though. Skype?

    • Unfortunately I think it is too -.- I actually haven't tried to skype, but that's a good move! I'll try it!