Is he trying to test me to see how I feel or is it just wishful thinking?

This is a question about a guy I kind of fell for when he visited on holiday.

Last night when we were talking he told me he was in love with a girl and I told him that I thought she was lucky because he's a pretty cool guy. He then he added that he didn't think it was gonna happen, but when I inquired as to why he said it was a long story.

He lives in the UK and I live in FL but he already has plans to visit again and rent the condo next to mine (how we met).

Is there any chance that the girl he was referring to was me? Any?

He had a gf when he visited and made it clear that although their relationship was rocky he was not going to do anything until they were officially over, which they are now. He also told me he liked me when he was here and after he left he said that he wanted to kiss me and explained why he never did (gf situation).


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  • Problem #1: Long Distance relationships don't work.

    Problem #2: He has a girlfriend. If he leaves her for you, don't think he won't do the same thing TO you when he's unhappy.


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