When is he going to ask me out?

I have been talking to this guy for 5 weeks now. He owns a semi pro football team and seems to be real busy with that all the time. Things are not going well with the team and he has been losing a lot of money because of it. He also has a small son who he doesn't see frequently and he is also preocupied with that.

We've been texting and talking but all these other things seem to always get in the way. Although we"ve met for lunch and have had some dates he seems to always be in a hurry.

He has insisted in saying he is not seeing someone else. A few weeks back he texted me saying he was falling for me hard and he said when things settle with his football team he will have more time for me. The next morning after he texted he was falling for me hard, he texted saying he meant what he said.

He mostly texts me all the time. He calls me once or twice a week. He says he hates the phone because he is on the phone all day. He does text frequently throughout the day. When he texts or in person he calls me cute nicknames. If i text him, he will respond reasonably fast.

I dont know what to think about him. For some reason I think he is stringing me along. I am a very busy person too and an executive for an important company and I always make time.

Do you think this guy is truly interested? I dont want to waste my time. I would like for him to ask me on a formal. date, but he hasnt. Could it be that he is short on money?

Is he interested in me? Does he really like me?

Please share your thoughts with me.


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  • I think he's interested in you, but only in a way that is benefiting him right now. It feels good to have feelings for someone, and to have someone there to contact during your day. It's a lot harder to take time out of your schedule (and for a guy), woo a girl, take her out, plan/pay for dates.

    He sounds lazy about it, and to be honest, I've done this to a guy before, too. I wasn't totally interested in the work it would take to make it something real, and was busy with life at the time, but I enjoyed talking to him often, so that's what I did. I did have feelings but only in the sense that I was getting wrapped up in the fantasy of it. Of course I don't like admitting that I've done this (it wasn't intentional to be hurtful, it just sort of happened), but I hope it gives a little insight into your situation.

    He may have feelings, but he's not acting on them. Talk is cheap. I don't think it's wise to give ultimatums or any of that, but I do think it's time to expect respect. You should open the door to seeing other people, and take a few steps back from him. It's no fun anymore (for him) when the contact is going away. If he really cares about you, he'll find a way to keep it going, which will mean taking you out.


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  • I'd tend towards the "and why isn't he making time for you if he's interested?" side of things. And if he is interested, but isn't making time for you... is that how he's always going to be? Do you want to live like that?

    Mind you, you can prod things along by asking HIM on a formal date. If that doesn't get things moving more, you're probably out of luck.

  • "I always make time."

    There's the difference between you and him. He isn't making time. Move on and find someone who will TALK to you in PERSON, instead of just texting and continuously keeping you waiting.

  • Maybe you should ask him first?

  • He is busy with his team. His work consumes him, in some way or another, twenty four hours day, seven days a week. And until the offseason or the team improves, that is unlikely to change.

    With consideration of your professional position, I suspect that you are aware of the constant stress and concern over losing unbelievable amounts of capital. It's like nothing other.

    That being said, I am under the assumption he is interested in you.

    • I am going to give him a little bit of time until this period with this team subsides. He has lost a lot of money with this team and he is considering quitting. He has some bid decisions ahead and i think thats a big reason as well he doesn't have time to fully come forward. : (

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  • I think he likes you. He texts, he calls, he's open about his feelings. Give him time. I think he short on money too.

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