Is it bad that I get turned on by my friend? And why do I have my guard up so high?

Like i got my friend i been talking to she's very sexy. Like she likes me. But sometimes i really just wanna touch her and like make contact. But for some reason i keep holding myself back for dating her. I guess its because i don't trust her. What should i do i still really do like her we talk all the time over the phone and text a lot and talk a lot in school. And why do guys always got to say something when im hanging out with her. Like sometimes they would call her a thot. And it makes me mad cause its like leave us alone. And like my guard is sooo high up like i catch massive feelings then im like nooo i can't whats wrong with me? Advise please. Thanks :)

I wanna tell her but i don't know
how she would take it. Or would it run her off. Then she asks me to come to her house. i wanna then I'm like naw. wtf is wrong with me lol


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  • Cuz she's dope as fuck and men are afraid of the bomb shit!!! Try to find out what she's currently looking for, if your cool with what it is, get your game up and make her yours (ONLY IF YOU THINK YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH FOR HER DONT WASTE HER TIME!!!) if your like oooooooo she's the serious type or she's lookin for a relationship, and you DONT WANT ONE, forget about it. If she's lookin for a good time, show her some.

  • If you both like each other. Just make a move. Kiss her while you're alone watching a movie.
    by the way if you could answer one of my questions, that'd be great


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