Ever meet someone online and really connect with them? Would you date?

Have you ever met someone on a dating site or any other website and just really hit it off? Would you date that person without actually meeting them in person? What if there was distance involved? What if they were thousands of miles away?

Can the love of your life be so far away yet so reachable through technology that your desire to be with one another is greater than everything else?


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  • yeah I would. its possible.

  • I have met some and I have really connected with a bunch of people :) I would go on a "blind" date with them as in going on a date as our first ever meeting, but I could not be in a LDR with no physical presence at all and relying on Skype to communicate face to face. I still wanna be with them, but I cannot 100% love someone without ever meeting them :/ But I'm glad some people can and that trust is just amazing :)


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