Good sign a second date could happen?

Went on a coffee date last night with a woman I met online. Aside from some moments of awkward conversation (I asked more questions of her then she of me), we seemed to get along and have good time. Now honestly, I'm the type of guy who really needs two dates to figure somebody out except in rare cases.

Well, I would go out with her again. I was already doing the whole "I can call her Wednesday" thing in my head, when she texted me. I had mentioned one of my favorite guilty pleasure TV shows and texted me that she was out to trivia with friends and it was one of the answers to the questions.

That's promising, right? That she texted me that? I messaged her back it was funny and asked how she did.

I figure if she didn't like me she would have seen the coincidence then ignored it.

That should say above: 'I mentioned a favorite TV show and she texted me'.

Also, apparently she looked at my dating profile again after we had sent texts to each other.
Update- WOAH. I was going to message her Wednesday, but I got a text half an hour where she asked me out on the second date. That has NEVER happened to me. :)


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  • Great sign.
    Shows that she was listening to you which means she was interested enough to engage.
    It also shows that she was learning about you... When someone listen it doesn't mean that they are actually absorbing what you are saying.
    Lastly, it shows that she was thinking about you and is interested in you in one way or another. If she wasn't she wouldn't had texted you showing you that she was thinking about you.

    Great sign. Second date should be a lot more comfortable for you both.


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  • I think it's a good sign.

    If I was not interested in a man I would not text him back.


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