Should I text him or break up with him?

I have been dating(if you can call it that) this guy for about 6 months and so far we have kissed and gone on group outings with our friends but we have never gone anywhere with just the two of us. We rarely ever talk and when we do it only lasts for about 10 minutes or 2 hours when we email each other but then after those talks we don't talk for a week or more. The last time we talked was 2 weeks ago and I was the one who contacted him. He has told me that he "loves" me but does he really? because when we do get together he just seems like he is trying to get me into bed. Also, my birthday is coming up and you'd think that since we are going out that he'd be the first person to RSVP but it has already been 3 weeks since I gave him the invite and he still hasn't RSVPd. please help.


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  • Oh girl,

    he does not "love you". Really, get that out of your head, please!

    "i love you" has become such an inflationary used term that it's meaning gets totally compromised.. I really hate that. I wouldn't ever tell anyone to love her if it weren't for real love. I can LIKE a person really fast and well, I do like a lot of persons, but I have yet to find the person whom I really love!

    And as for your guy there, really break up with him. He's not putting any effort into it. And after telling you that he loves you, he's not making any moves? I mean what the h*** is he thinking? I'm interested in a girl right now - just interested - since we live 200km apart from each other we've just met one time, but I text her every day or cal her if I don't text.

    She does the same, even though we've never ever mentioned the word love before. We didn't even admit that we're flirting for real at times!

    So please don't take his words for granted. They are not what they are meant to be. He does not love you. Maybe he likes you, but he should make at least some movements!

    Not messaging you for weeks... it's just false / wrong.

    And if you don't want to be the one to break up, you may also confront him. I agree with honeybabe on this point. If he does not put WAY MORE EFFORT INTO this, you're better off without him!


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  • If you're having a hunch about his intentions, and he's not treating you even remotely close to how you should be treated, you should break up with him. It seems like you don't talk and that's not a good relationship. If I were in your situation, I'd probably break up with him.

    If you don't wanna break up right now, you can always confront him and talk to him about all these things and compromise, but if he chooses to "compromise" you better make sure he does what he says and if he doesn't, you should break up with him.

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