He asked me out on a date, but I hate having people pay for me?

So this guy I have been seeing for a little bit said he wants to take me out to dinner.
I just hate having people pay for me, because I'm perfectly capable of paying for myself and it just makes me feel bad. He works hard for his money and I don't feel like it should be spent on me, even if it's just a dinner.
Do I let him pay? Because I'm probably going to still offer to pay anyway. If he asked me out, does that mean he wants to pay?


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  • Just have him pay and offer to take him out or buy whatever next time :)

    It's no biggie, he wants to treat you


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  • If he offers to pay for you, don't raise a fuss. Be flattered that he works hard for his money and wants to spend it on YOU.

    • Yeah thats true. Thanks!

  • Say when the waiter asks that you two would like split bills, Should he say "Oh i'll pay for it" or something along those lines just smile and say something like "I would really prefer to pay for my own, It's just something about me"

    To address the second question, if he said "I want to take you out to dinner" or something along those particular lines "take you out to dinner" specifically, then he should be planning on paying for it all.

  • 1 split the bill

    2 let him pay 1st you pay next time

    3 stop tripping, don't emasculate him already, let him be a man, the man


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