What should I do does she like me?

there is this girl I like at school and we have talked since the first week of school and she seemed like a really nice girl and i was starting to like her, and everybody noticed too and figured out that I did but when somebody told her I liked her she began ignoring me even though we talked every day after school and talked at lunch often and some of my friends told me that she asked them if i liked her so i think she already knew but I have no idea whats going on because she was hanging out with me yesterday but after somebody told her that I liked her she starts ignoring me even though she still looks at me for a second or too when I walk by

now when she usually might talk to me now she doesn't say anything and ignores me i have no idea what to do next because I dont know if she likes me or was just being friendly or she never liked me at all and what should I do ignore her or try to talk to her even though it will be awkward because she knows I like her


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  • She might just be shy, and not sure how to react. She may have never thought that you would ever think about her like that, and it has thrown her, or possibly she's embarassed in front of her friends. Try gettin gher on her own, so that she can be honest and so can you!

  • She doesn't like you, that's why she isn't talking to you after she found out


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